Seaglass Dreams — Seaglass Necklace

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Seaglass Dreams is all about the best days of Summer. Days when you've walked the shore picking through for seaglass with not a care on your mind. This genuine sea glass has been treated with a special process that results with an imprint of a beautiful random swirl pattern. This one has soft hues of pink, blue, turquoise, yellow and green. It's all wrapped up in braided, recycled pure copper wire. For a very beachy vibe white genuine silk ribbon is used with a pink dyed hemp cord wrapped only on one side toward the back (just because)! Two Sterling Silver, dimpled starfish beads are planted between knots making for the most adorable touch. The ribbon has a silver lobster claw clasp closure and the necklace hangs long about 16" including the pendant which is 1 3/4" long. The pink hemp macrame knots are rough-hewn and is 6.3" long.