Nuts for Red — Leather & Nut Earrings

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Unique in every way! Created from genuine Kukui Nuts, Italian Leather and Japanese Washi paper (called Fantasy Rain). These statement earrings are truly a diversified look. I hand made the fringe (2.5" long) and topped them with non-tarnish silver metal filigree caps. I wrapped the Washi paper around the nuts letting it wrinkle to resemble the texture of late leaves and then finished with a light glaze. The total length are 4" long not including the silver ear wires. These earrings brush over your shoulders! Very lovely and the leather is soft to the touch but stiff enough not to warp. 

The Kukui Nut was reserved for Hawaiian Royalty worn by chiefs and kings known as Ali’I. The Kukui tree has always had spiritual significance to Hawaiians, giving them hope for renewal.