"Anaea" Amazon Nation — Tribal Leather Earrings

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"Anaea" means 'raising up', she was a famous Amazonian Tribal Member (see below). Honestly, I'm in LOVE with these! The style is striking in its simplicity of an architectural style triangle and the effects I applied to the soft and thick Greek leather came beyond awesome! I've added three 24K Gold Vermeil beads on each. Wow! I've hand forged the ear-wires to do them justice. Believe me these stand out in the most subtle, cool way. You will love them! As an added bonus they are super light weight, if it weren't for the compliments you'd forget you had them on.

These measure 4.0 in long x 1.09 In wide and with the wire they hang a total of 5 in. The leather is left raw natural rich brown on the back. 


Famous Members of the Amazon Nation 
by Carla Osborne 

ANAEA 'raising up' 
She added considerably to the territory of the Thermodontine Amazons, establishing a city named for herself in Karia opposite Hera's holy city of Samos. Her tomb there, like Orithia's at Megaera, Myrene's near Troy, and Antiope's in Athens was a great pilgrimage site until Classical times. She was named for a Goddess associated with Artemis.