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  • Fossil This — Tribal Bracelet

    A handmade stoneware focal bead replicates ancient fossil scribes and has different symbols on each side! This clay bead is fired and durable. it is complemented with rich earthy tones and contrasting textures of genuine black mat lava rock and polished...

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  • Day for Chillin' — Double Wrap Bracelet

    An off-to-the-side, easy-going fashioned double wrap bracelet in genuine brown, braided leather. It boasts a lovely variety of both silver and gold wire wraps, and touts a pretty seafoam and gold Czech glass bead for just that little something. ...

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  • Hey There Big Guy — Man's Bracelet

    Modern simplistic skinny bracelet. Made for a man, this simple black leather arm band is made of the finest Greek leathers. One side is suede the other is embossed snake print joined with two silver leather tacks as the modest focal.  Designed to...

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  • Mine, Mine, Mine — Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

    Modern, Clean, Crisp, Knockout Your Eyeballs Bracelet! Eye-catching is an understatement... Decidedly one of the most beautiful colors Swarovski creates is this astral pink, pear shape. I've lavishly surrounded it with Swarovski rhinestones in settings...

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  • These Are Me — Caged Sea-Glass Earrings

    These caged sea-glass earrings are really stylin'! They are filled with genuine seaglass pieces in frosted milky white, light blue and bottle green. The wire wrap cage is made of antique copper wire to look aged and rusty. A delicate dangle of both...

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  • Mama Loves Nature — Dangle Earrings

    Light weight, dangle to your shoulders, earthy tones and entirely handmade with the nature lover in mind. The most precious honey and lime Japanese Miyuki beads dangle inside the hand-hammered raw copper oval frames while below a feature show of Czech...

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  • Jazzy Angel — Leather Wings Earrings

    Light weight and dangle to your shoulders! Genuine designer leathers of embossed patterns in silver and white make up these super long fanciful angel wing earrings. They have a soft blue worsted wool feather-like dangle for extra attraction. It's fun to...

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  • A Rustic Charmer — Crystal Ribbon Necklace

    A pretty milky white crystal geode with interesting fossil inclusions that go from front to back gets wrapped in braided, hand hammered raw copper giving it that rustic look we love. The pendant is topped with complementary colored adorable Japanese...

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  • Ancient Roots — Unisex Fossil Necklace

    This ancient fossil took 80 MILLION Years to form! This is one of the rarest gemstones in the world! It is new to the gemstone world, but Simbircite comes from Simbirsk, Russia. (More info on the fossil below). Designed for the traveler, the history...

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  • Night Moves — Fancy Fringe Necklace

    We know You've Got Some Moves. This unique mixed-materials, fringe necklace is ready for just about anything, right, like you. It features layers of long fringe and Victorian baubles. At the top is an outstanding metallic fire treated ceramic bead that...

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  • Lord I Love You — 2pc. set. Rustic Necklace

    2 piece statement set (two separate necklaces), can be worn alone, but go magnificently together. The short strand is designed with the most interesting Japanese Miyuki beads in varied colors and shapes both square and round, some are metallic and others...

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