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  • Be Unique — Flower Petal Earrings

    A unique combination of elements produced the prettiest pair of earrings. Tiny dried spring leaves from my garden were tweezer placed on these sweet pale pink resin rose buds and clear glazed to last. Spiraled gold ends for extra pretty with vintage gold...

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  • Sea Worthy — Multi-Strand Bracelet

    Sea Worthy will definitely add to your beach beauty appeal. This is a striking five strand sea palette of deep ocean blue Swarovski Crystals and Czech glass beads in teals to seaweed with Sterling Silver touches throughout. Adding interest like...

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  • You're Magnificent — Heart Key Chain

    A lovely red swirl Murano glass heart that is beautiful from both sides is paired with a purple sparkling beaded ring. These tiny Czech glass beads are purple lined on the inside with pale blue glass on the outside so light catches them in a...

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  • Tropical Fish — Koi Statement Necklace

    A beautiful blue enameled tropical fan tailed fish dangles it's tail as if swimming. Hooked by a pretty vintage gold chain, he or she is happy to be caught and loves to show off it's colors. The vintage gold chain is incredibly sturdy and is in great...

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  • Octopus's Garden — Sea Life Crystal Necklace

    The sweetest lavender octopus is holding on tight to the AB blue pointed crystal. She has genuine grade A pearls for eyes and a Tibetan Silver .925 crown. I've given her a brown mottled sea creature effect and glazed it after heat curing the polymer clay...

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  • Natural Path — Vine Necklace

    Short and sweet leather necklace that resembles vines wrapping around each other just like in nature. Two varied cords in size and color are decorated with Czech glass maple leaf beads, natural yellow Jade for accents and berry red garnets quietly take...

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  • Motherhood — Nested Pearl Necklace

    Three natural silky white potato pearls are huddled together for maximum warmth in mother's nest of copper wire. So proud do mother and father birds seem when they have finalized their nests that I added that extra touch of Miyuki beads in shades of...

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  • Healing Touch — Bottle Gemstone Necklace

    Sweetest tiny glass bottle necklace is filled with healing gemstones of Citrine, Amethyst and Bamboo Coral, packed tight for an ultimate display of color and healing. It's wire wrapped with twisted copper cord and has a couple of copper dangles a tag and...

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  • Island Dreams — Orchid Wreath

    Pretty island necklace wreath is an essential for vacations. Orange-yellow orchids and four buds and some leaves are hand made of cold clay (soft, flexible) and painted with incredible realism. A hand made mulit-fabric bead backs the floral focal for...

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  • Sea Life — Pyrite Shell Necklace

    Highly detailed craftsmanship goes into this mermaid sea life necklace. A spiral shell is wrap-fitted with a beautiful mermaid princess. She is captured in a position where she appears to be tumbling playfully in the waves. I topped the spiral shell in...

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  • Laugh Hearty — Cheerful Floral Bracelet

    Five adorable handmade ceramic floral beads of bright and cheerful multi-colors linked together with copper love knots using both antique and bright coppers. A beautiful oak leaf toggle clasp is easy to do yourself and stays on! I handmade the beads...

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