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  • Tranquil Nature — Geode Pendant Necklace

    Tranquil Nature — Geode Pendant Necklace

    A gorgeous statement necklace... a unique 'look-good-feel-good' piece made of noticeable quality. An orange and milk tone geode slice is polished smooth but left with it's natural raw edges making this an "eye catcher". Creating a finished...

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  • Precious Sun — Gold Silver Dangle Necklace

    Precious Sun — Gold Silver Dangle Necklace

    Worship the Sun with this tribal version of arms raised to the sky with glittery silver spikes representing rays. The hand-hammered gold filled brass wire will catch extra light with my hammered dimpling and blends in nicely with the raised textured...

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  • Chunky Choker — Statement Necklace

    Chunky Choker — Statement Necklace

    A stunning, simplistic, modern style choker. Begin with the handmade Czech ceramic pendant in shades of earth, like rich soil and beach sand. An incredibly unique shape, elongated oval with three sides, the back is flat so it sits nice on your neck...

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  • Lovely Healing — Beaded Bracelet

    Lovely Healing — Beaded Bracelet

    A sweet and modern style Bohemian bracelet made with a substantial size healing (magnetic) Hematite circle as its focal. Then wire wrapped with whimsy to join forces with the natural Carnelians in red and orange. Little Sterling dangle beads...

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  • Gold Ginko — Nutty Fringe Necklace

    Gold Ginko — Nutty Fringe Necklace

    Looks really sexy worn on top of a long, solid color, thin sweater! Yes, very much so. A long leather fringe necklace with a hand painted, gold leaf Ginko leaf on a Hawaiian Kukui Nut.  Reverse side I painted a simple petal flower. I make my own...

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  • Nuts for Red — Leather & Nut Earrings

    Nuts for Red — Leather & Nut Earrings

    Unique in every way! Created from genuine Kukui Nuts, Italian Leather and Japanese Washi paper (called Fantasy Rain). These statement earrings are truly a diversified look. I hand made the fringe (2.5" long) and topped them with non-tarnish silver metal...

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  • Vintage Inspired — Beaded Necklace

    Vintage Inspired — Beaded Necklace

    I was so inspired by a charming vintage necklace I recently sold that I had to create my own version. (A photo of the original at the end). After mulling for hours over the right bead combination, this is made with a beautifully blended mixture of...

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  • Healing Hearts — Quartz Bracelet

    Healing Hearts — Quartz Bracelet

    Experience the healing of your heart with this simplistic, chunky Rose Quartz bracelet. Deep red Jasper roundels set off the beautiful color and quality of the large Rose Quartz. The Quartz are repurposed from a vintage necklace that had lost it's...

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  • Whimsical Protection — Quartz Necklace

    Whimsical Protection — Quartz Necklace

    Show your whimsy while being protected by this beautiful huge hunk of polished Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of promoting and healing "Universal Love". Wrapped playfully in Rhodium plated Silver (non-tarnish) and garnished heavily with all...

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  • Straight Up — Leather Bracelet

    Straight Up — Leather Bracelet

    A shapely leather bracelet cuff made of thick distressed genuine leather and lavishly garnished with five silver oval disks evenly spaced to let just the right amount of leather peek through to the front. A sturdy magnetic silver dimpled with black clasp...

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  • Love Forever, Me — Earrings

    Love Forever, Me — Earrings

    Precious Polished Rose Quartz stones get a Victorian Impression makeover. The ingredients are rich with polished Labradorites, Swarovski Crystals, Japanese washi paper and Sterling Silver. Beautiful from front to back, top to bottom with...

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  • Racing Cuff — American Leather Cuff

    Racing Cuff — American Leather Cuff

    An All American Leather Cuff for the Racing Enthusiast. Designed with distressed brown leather as the foundation to the red, white and blue racing graphics. A cool blue flame stretches off to the side with a full wrap around of red and white stripes in...

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