Yo Dude — Bohemian Mans Necklace

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I made this necklace with the Bohemian style man in mind, but it works for a female just as good. I love these beads; the 10mm round beads are Tibetan Dark Banded Agate, and the two different sides tube beads are very hard ceramic, deeply imprinted with a different pattern on each side so you can flip it and get two different looks. The small disk shape beads used on three levels for the front are handmade glass tribal beads. The black genuine leather cord is fully adjustable with a slip knot. I added Solid Sterling Silver beads to the ends because I do quality all the way.

With necklace closed up all the way it hangs 9" and opens up several more. This is the type of necklace you can live in, swim in, surf in, whatever, it won't fail you.

My designs are from my own imagination and inspiration and are one of a kind. My inspiration comes from either nature or personalities. I keep my prices at the low-end of competitive because I want you to enjoy them!