The Romantic Mermaid — Sea Fan Coral Necklace

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An A+ on the coastal jewelry scale! Beach lovers, Mermaid lovers, Hopelessly Romantics, pay attention to the details of this incredible piece of wearable art. You may think it's frail, but it is not. Natural coral dried, is pretty darn strong, stronger than you would think. I love fan coral so much I made a necklace around it! Framed in raw copper and accented with sparkling Mica. Eight Swarovski ivory pearls and a couple of Sterling Starfish helped tempt the natural sea glass into the coral bed. All natural sea glass chips seem as though they are floating around your neck. Fastened with a silver lobster claw clasp. Dress it up or down, just love it!

This was a witch to make, the outcome striking, but I doubt I'll be making another, so you are definitely getting one of a kind.

Necklace hangs a total of 14" long including the pendant. The pendant is just under 2.5" around. 

I make my jewelry to last and I also wear every piece for one day to be sure it hangs right and has no missed sharp edges. I also am fistulous about having each piece be just the right length for its scale and style.