Beach Glam — Driftwood Necklace

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Wearable art made from an interesting shape driftwood piece of which I applied 24K gold foil and coastal colors of mica to create the dazzling character. I left the top natural and the entire piece is well sealed. I wire wrapped Natural white pearls around the midsection with antique brass wire. I've secured two pieces of sea glass in cobalt blue and clear for balance and material variance. A genuine leather metallic brown cord has three tiny beads accenting one side. It's finished with a fully adjustable slip knot with Czech glass sky blue beads and copper disk beads. They add a nice touch to your backside! Oh! It is double-sided, you can flip it and wear it either way, beautiful on both sides.

The necklace fully extended hangs 19.25" long.


I make my jewelry to last and I also wear every piece for one day to be sure it hangs right and has no missed sharp wire edges. I also am fistulous about having each piece be just the right length for its scale and style.