1920's Style Cocktail Table — Original Antique Materials

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1920s Antique Colorful Graphic Gatsby Cocktail Table.

This salvaged metal stand has been skillfully hand-crafted into a one-of-a-kind, bar/side table for standing and conversing with friends. So grab your bffs and get a load of some of the original ads displayed on the top of this entertainment piece. Each ad is geared for women in the 1920's taken from an original "Women's World" magazine.

DETAILS: The pedestal base is a beautiful heavy cast metal which comes together in three snug pieces and painted a pleasing period blue. A round wooden top was added of the perfect circumference to balance the pedestal base. The top has been decoupaged with an original 'October 1929 Woman's World' Magazine (signed). The amazing, colorful, art deco graphics cover is decisively planned as the eye popping center piece surrounded by the grey-scale articles from the inside to contrast the cover. Bits of articles range from advertising to recipes to advise and news and dates show up here and there. The hand written signature on the magazine cover in pencil is unknown and quite intriguing.

The top is finished with three coats of crystal clear shellac to handle spills, glass rings and mild wipe downs. A dusty rose, thick grosgrain ribbon finishes the edging perfectly.

MEASUREMENTS: 43" tall x 17 3/4" diameter top.

Weight: 6.5 lbs.

NOTES: Keep in mind this a hand-crafted piece, it is all hand decoupage, so there will be some minor bumps from glue settling and perhaps a slight wrinkling of an article or two.