Ancient Roots — Unisex Fossil Necklace

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This ancient fossil took 80 MILLION Years to form!

This is one of the rarest gemstones in the world! It is new to the gemstone world, but Simbircite comes from Simbirsk, Russia. (More info on the fossil below). Designed for the traveler, the history buff, the eccentric professor, the charming tv host is this tribal, way cool necklace that will satisfy your search for fashion that matches your "living life large" personality. Made with Sterling Silver, tribal carved wooden beads and genuine Greek leather. A show stopper, like you!

About the fossil, (unless you already know):
It is actually an ammonite from the dinosaur age that has crystallized in forms of calcite, aragonite and quartz. The beautiful gold lines running through it are pyrite that formed over time. Look close and you may see tiny fossils, within this large, beautifully cut and polished ancient sea life fossil.

An extravagant gift for someone you love, or, for yourself, because it's totally you!

Pendant: 50 x 27 mm.
Genuine leather cord is 11.5" long.
Total Length is: 14".

Simbircite Ammonite Silver Pyrite (a very unique fossil geode).
Genuine leather (Greece).
Sterling silver, Tibetan.
.925 Silver plated hook clasp closure.
Tribal wooden beads.