On the Fringe — Accessory

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Super long and lush fringe necklace.

Fine materials are used to create this duo-tone fringe bib necklace. Instantly sas up a plain t-shirt, wear it over a bathing suit and for a walk on the shore. The material is a linen chenille, it feels super soft, it gets better with wear, it's good with sea spray and if you spill or suntan lotion gets on it, you can hand wash it. Just swish it around in a mild detergent in lukewarm water, rinse and hang dry or use a hair dryer on it for more fluff.

Enhancing the ends are beautifully beaded strands of turquoise and deep sea blue Czech glass melon beads and genuine Fieldspar stone in a wave shape and polished. The pure copper bead strands are hand-hammered at the ends. A no-struggle magnet tube closure is a great catch!

9" cord, + up to 13" fringe = 22" long!

Linen chenille fabric.
Czech glass beads.
Dark green Fieldspar stone.
12mm braided Greek cord (natural).
Pure Copper wire.
Gunmetal cylinder magnet clasp.