Meet the Designer

Designing is All I've Ever Done...

I'm Shelly McQueen-Pawell, Owner, Designer of The Jewelry Link and Madam Designer on Etsy. I don't know of any other way to live my life than planning and creating beautiful things. In every aspect of my life there has been no limits to the nature of what I design. For instance, I have always designed an inviting, colorful, organized and comfortable homep1030310-custom-.jpg wherever my journey has taken me. I love designing floor plans and colors down to every last detail. Since I was a small child, I began creating the most comfortable, elaborate environments for animals that I could dream of. So a lifetime of pet birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, fish, frogs and hermit crabs have been provided the best homes (and meals) one could experience (let's call that a habitat designer). During my younger years I studied to become a Makeup Artist and was fortunate to have decorated many famous faces in NYC making women look exceptionally beautiful on-camera and off. Moving forward, my longest career-tenure until retiring I was a graphic designer and presentation specialist. I have been honored to have been sought after by Fortune 500 companies for my abilities to create their high profile advertising, presentations and marketing materials. Now retired I feel literally cut free to create whatever comes to me. Designing jewelry is a very natural step for me to have taken and I enjoy working with all sorts of materials. I do not confine myself to only one style, instead you will find that I create pieces that are Modern, Bohemian, Fantasy, Tribal, Minimalist and so on. I always plan a design that reflects one the personalities and interests of the people I meet in the world. Then I name each piece to fit that character. Working with metals, stones, crystals, beads, fabrics and leathers I execute designs with the high standards I've practiced and been known for my entire career. I care about where a pendant will lay on your neck and chest, how charms will move, how metals will age, how crystals will catch the most light, how easy a catch or clasp is to do yourself, and that no sharp edges are present to catch on clothes. I want you to feel beautiful wearing a piece of jewelry that I've created because I loved creating it. 

Love & Peace,