Tiny Bunny — Home Decoration, Lop Eared Bunny

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Cute miniature lop eared bunnies in time for your Spring decorating. These are made of clay and are delicate, not made for children. I made these little guys and gals to bring Spring early. Each is sold separately, you choose, and each comes with a bunch of carrots so they will never be hungry. They are completely hand formed, no molds are used. Then they are baked, painted and glazed. The carrots are a garden variety. They are so tiny it was not an easy job, but a labor of love. 

We have wooden bunny hutches in production, coming soon that will fit these babies by ones or twos including a bunch of carrots in with them. Our hutches are solid wood with screening and painted white (distressed), with actual swinging doors. They can be used for these bunnies or current bunnies you many have. 

Choose: Put the Name of the bunny you choose in message box at time of checkout.

Bunny Bell — she is 1.25" (31.5 mm) tall x 1.83" (46.6 mm) at the widest area being her ears.

Bunny Nell — she is 2.06" (52.5 mm) tall to the top of her standing ear and 1.10" (28.1 mm) wide.

Bunny Snoop — he is 1.34" (34.2 mm) tall x 1.84" (46.7 mm) wide from floppy ear to ear.

Bunny Snuggles — he is only .95" (24.3 mm) tall x 1.4" (35.6 mm) wide ear to ear.