Sand Crabs — Beachy Earrings

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Simply the cutest beachy earrings E V E R. Genuine leather of blue to teal dangle below Big Hoops made from Argentinian Silver and hand hammered for extra strength and appearance. Cute little crabs are hanging around having fun in the center of things. I happen to be a Hermit Crab enthusiast, I've grown 4 tiny crabs into extra large size happy crabs in only 2 years. I love keeping them happy. Although these are not officially Hermies, it does not matter because we love them all! I make my own ear wires and added tumbled green glass. These swipe the tops of your shoulders in length... LOVE this length, it looks so good with bob cuts! You'll look and feel super cool and happy wearing these. They are built to last and there are little extras like spaced silver beads at the bottoms which will help keep the dangles apart just enough and all wire edges are beveled with no sharp edges.

These hang 4.9" long (including the ear wires) and are 1.56" wide (hoops). The fringe are 2" long.