Riverside — Tribal River Stone Necklace

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Make a quiet statement in this pretty earth tone necklace made of tear drop shape polished natural river stones. I hand picked the most interesting stones. I gave it an ethnic look with tribal silver beads. It feels so good on and the silver filled chain that goes around the back of the neck which is non-tarnish and has a generous extension. Oh and I've got your back! I added a silver plated hammered ring with a variety of ornamental glass beads so you look just as good making an exit.

The necklace hangs 9" circling just below the collar bones, but the extension is there if you want it.
The stones are 2.19 mm l x 16.4 mm w x 15 stones.

My designs are from my own imagination and inspiration and are one of a kind. My inspiration comes from either nature or personalities. I keep my prices at the low-end of competitive because I want you to enjoy them!